Opening July 15th-July 21st, Conference July 8th, 76% YTD Returns, and a New Website!

Hey all members, we’re doing a conference / meetup in Sandy on 7/8, Monday night at 7pm. 


The address is: # 21 Snowstar Ln, Sandy UT


We’ll be going over the performance so far, implications of Bitcoin for the future, and how taxes apply to capital gains via Laissez Faire. There will be old and new members alike!


Meanwhile, some statistics and insights from on the Laissez Faire algorithm to brag about!


Whether a 123% compounding annual return is sustainable or not is only theoretical… but it’s a good number isn’t it?


Quantconnect gives the insight into your algo’s performance by comparing to other datasets, algorithms, and asset classes. LF holds up pretty exceptionally in the 94th percentile!


Finally, we’ll be having an opening period from the 15th to the 21st in which new members will be able to join, and withdrawals and deposits will be open. Working now to get a withdrawal/deposit request built into the website as well. The algo will be running the entire time up until the 21st, then all accounts and equity %’s will be re balanced.


Excited to see you guys there.



If you are adding or withdrawing an investment > $10,000 you’ll need to set up a wire transfer or take the withdrawal in BTC.

Wire Information:

If you’d prefer to deposit or withdraw in Bitcoin that is also an option, in fact it’s arguably the fastest and easiest option.


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